0.5m Shielded UK Booted Category 5e Patch Leads

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: PLS005
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0.5m Shielded UK Booted Category 5e Patch Leads

Our durable shielded booted category 5e patch leads are manufactured in the UK to meet the highest of standards. They’re compatible with a huge range of devices and ports, making it simple for you to pick out the right lead for your needs. These leads are designed to provide flexible cabling options while still minimising the change of damage occurring when in use frequently, even if they are regularly being plugged in. 

When proper, efficient cable management is a priority, our choice can help you too. The leads come in various colours with matching strain relief boots, allowing you to easily identify where each cable is connected. While our standard 0.5 meter length patch leads are usually the ideal length for the majority of users, we recognise that some customers may require additional flexibility. Upon request, we can deliver other lengths, ensuring you have enough cable to reach your destination without excess


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