0.75m Bladed LSOH Patch Lead

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0.75m Bladed LSOH Patch Lead

At 0.75 meters, this lead gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre and create a set-up that you’re happy with. While slotting into your existing layout is simple, the LSOH patch leads come out top when it’s measured on durability. It’s been independently verified to give you peace of mind and the materials used are high quality, reducing the risk of it becoming damaged. On top of that, the plastic strain relief boots allow the cable to cope when stress is applied, and the blade style provides protection when you’re plugging and unplugging the lead. 

You don’t just have to take our word for the durability of these patch leads either. When your system is installed by an accredited Excel Cabling Partner, your cables are covered by a comprehensive 25 year product warranty to give you peace of mind. Coming in a range of colours to choose from, these are the ideal option for efficient, clear cable management solutions too.


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