10m UK Un-Booted Category 5e Patch Leads – X-Over

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10m UK Un-Booted Category 5e Patch Leads – X-Over

These 10m UK Un-Booted Category 5e Patch Leads are suitable for use when cascading hubs and switches without cross over ports. They form a vital part of network organisation and ensure the strongest connections for your business. As each one is manufactured here in the UK, it is made from premium materials and has a long lifespan. This reduces the need for additional replacements and repair labour, thereby working within the budget of all businesses.

Available in a selection of colours, these stranded conductor 4 pair UTP patch leads are each manufactured using UL verified cable. The different casing colours not only provide protection to the wires inside but allow for visual identification. During repair or replacement work, this minimises the risk of incorrect cabling being removed and networks being lost. For professional and domestic use, they can be fitted to create strong connections between your electrical devices, keeping your business online and your colleagues productive at all times. In addition, the 10m length ensures larger offices or network rooms can still benefit from efficient connections without the need for additional portals or entire reorganisation.

Here at Adept Network, we have a host of different products to suit your networking needs. Many of which we manufacture here in the UK, we strive to use high-quality materials throughout and guarantee long-term service. If you have any questions or queries regarding our 10m UK Un-Booted Category 5e Patch Leads - X Over, please contact us today.

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