209mm Circular Cable Grommet (4x28mm holes)

  • Brand: Adept
  • Product Code: GT085
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209mm Circular Cable Grommet (4x28mm holes)

209mm Circular Floor Grommet (4x28mm holes)

Floor grommets are used as a conduit to interconnect the sub-floor to the office floor, cables travel through the floor grommet to the desk.

  • Adjustable Cable Openings
  • Standard Grey, Black available upon request
  • Flame Retardent Specification
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • Cut out size: 127mm
  • Overall size: 147mm
  • Data Option

Code     Cut-out Dia.     Internal Dia.   Overall Dia.    Depth    Mouth Size

GTL5C       127mm            110mm            140mm         50mm      32x75mm
GT065       169mm            145mm           185mm          38mm      30x125mm
GT085       209mm            190mm            233mm         45mm  4x28mm holes

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