The 3 Multi Media Areas to Consider When Building a Presentation Space

The 3 Multi Media Areas to Consider When Building a Presentation Space

Posted On July 2, 2019 by Adept Networks

Presentations have come a long way in recent years and the art of creating an engaging and interesting presentation now involves a unique combination of verbal and non-verbal communication which is supported through various pieces of technology. If you think back to the best presentations you have ever watched, they are always well delivered and for this to happen technology plays a crucial role. So, what multimedia should you consider when you are creating your presentation space?


The content is the main part of your presentation, but it doesn’t stop there. Slides should be designed, and visuals used to support the presentation. Visuals are used to complement the presentation rather than being used to replace certain types of content. Good quality screens with prominent graphics and messages would work best. When choosing the visuals for your presentation make these thought provoking and they should fit in well with the theme of your presentation. Visuals could be printed or displayed on large screens depending on the size of the presentation area. You might also choose to bring in short video clips in 60 second bursts to emphasise certain points.


Audio can really help the atmosphere of any presentation. If your presentation is being delivered in a large conference room or a hotel for example good quality audio is so important. Without good audio support a presentation wouldn’t have the same effect. Depending on your speaker and the audio team that you have, you might even want to add in sound effects at certain points throughout the presentation. This can be a great way to add more interest to the presentation too.

Live Conferencing

When delivering a presentation, it is not always practical for everyone you invited to attend. They may have prior commitments, or they may be unable to travel and that’s where live streaming proves so beneficial. A live conferencing or live streaming element to the presentation offers something different and interesting for the audience.

Presentations using technology are always more engaging but ultimately it is the speaker who makes a presentation. They need to keep the audience focused on what they are saying, but through technology you can make speeches and presentations much more powerful.