Does an effective network matter in schools?

Does an effective network matter in schools?

Posted On October 24, 2019 by Adept Networks

Being connected and using technology has become an integral part of education. An effective network can liven up classrooms, offer resources to students and teachers alike and can even prepare students for the workplace.

At Adept Networks, we know a thing or two about an effective network; we are a distributor of networking equipment after all.

Liven up the classroom

Students learn in different ways, so it is important to have a classroom that incorporates different learning methods. An effective network allows students to learn in exciting ways, for example, classroom quizzes. Some quizzes allow students to answer questions from their phones.

This shows students that the school is not ignoring the advances in technology and can make lessons fun again, which in turn will engage with students more.

Digital era You cannot deny that technology has become a part of our day to day lives. Technology has also become an integral part of certain jobs, so by having an effective network in schools they are preparing students for the workplace.

Having an effective network in schools, it allows teachers to teach students the fundamentals of computer systems and can offer useful resources they might need to operate in the workplace.


An effective network also gives teachers access to more resources, varies learning and more. Learning tools aren’t just the only assist that is offered to teachers, a community is also present. Teachers are opened up to a whole world of teachers from across the world. Advice, knowledge and classroom activities can be shared online, which can result in better quality classroom activities.


One other benefit of having an effective network in schools is that it improved collaborative learning within the classroom and outside. An effective network opens the classroom up to two-way communication. Applications can be set up to allow students to ask questions directly, which can help students who do not feel confident enough to speak up in class yet.

This also encourages students to communicate with one another about topics, subjects and projects with ease.

There are plenty more benefits of having an effective network in schools, we have just touched on the ones that intrigue us.

Get yourself on the grid

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