Designed to fit the needs of many different environments, Adept Networks are proud to present our range of Power Products here today. Offering the opportunity to run multiple devices off a single unit, these items are essential for bustling businesses. In addition, they are ideal for residential environments, giving you a greater scope of opportunity when it comes to entertainment and device use.

Shop and browse online today for our large range of Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Many of the options you find here today are suitable for use with 19" racking mounting, allowing you to get more out of your plant room or IT department. Our PDUs come in Standard UK, IEC and Filtered designs, depending on your requirements. Alongside these, you'll find high-quality Mains Power Leads, Power Extension Strips and Power Connectors. All of these products allow you to create a network that works functionally while ensuring power is properly distributed where it's needed the most. We also have a selection of Bench Power solutions, offering raised solutions that work perfectly on professional desks and surfaces. And, don't forget our additional Power Products which stocks items such as sockets to make plugging in easier than ever before.

Adept Networks are industry leaders and continue to support the needs of small-to-large businesses alike. If you cannot find the item you're looking for, have a question or would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact here today.