All of our products are available for both residential and commercial use. They allow customers to connect their televisions, computers, or any audio/video equipment to other components - ensuring seamless integration into current technology.

AV cables are handy devices that allow the transfer of audio and video signals. They can be used interchangeably, depending on what is needed by connecting one end to a device with output, such as a TV or a computer monitor, and another to the input on a television set.

Some of the most common AV Cables, Adaptors and Faceplate products are SVGA cables, HDMI cables, DVI cables, and audio cables such as speaker wires for connecting PCs. Hi-Fi Equipment, home theatres, etc...

We stock a wide variety including everything from simple analogue connections to complex digital networking needs in every length.

Contact us by email or phone and one of our representatives will answer any questions that you have.