When it comes to creating a safe and effective office-based network, look no further than our range of Trunking & Floor Boxes. Designed to minimise the risk of tripping and related injuries, these cable management solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes. At Adept Network, we work with all manner of clients and support them in finding the right option for their working environment.

Discover and shop online here for the right trunking or floor box for you. We have a complete range, with both mini and maxi options, depending on the size available. You'll find 3 and 4-compartment floor boxes with blanking plates to keep the entire set-up as professional-looking as possible. When it comes to keeping cables in order, we have a variety of compartment rubber desk trunking alongside self-adhesive trunking in a variety of lengths and dimensions. To cut these to length, use mini trunking ratchet cutters and create an environment that feels professional and seamless. Trunking solutions not only help to heighten health and safety. They also reduced the risk of damage to cables, thereby minimising repair costs and the possibility of breaks and downtime throughout the business.

The Adept Network team are passionate about supporting the needs of all commercial environments, especially those with high foot traffic and exacting needs for network speeds. If you have any questions or cannot find the product you're looking for, please do get in contact here today.

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