Sharpmark Labelling Systems was established in 1995 to supply a complete labelling solution for network cabling. They have developed a system extensively over the years to make sure that they always offer an easy-to-use, competitively priced, complete system to give you the very best in cable labels and component labelling.

Our integrated labelling system is designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, and comprises many labelling products, sophisticated software and on-line resources.

All our labels are supplied on A4 sheets for use with all standard office laser printers. Our adhesive labels are made from adhesive polyester, chosen for its durability, good appearance and printable qualities. Our slide-in, or non-adhesive labels are also supplied on A4 sheets, and these are perforated for easy separation once printed. These are for use with patch panels and modules that have a window for the label to slide behind.

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