What's fiber optic and should your business be using it?

What's fiber optic and should your business be using it?

Posted On March 19, 2019 by Adept Networks

Notes: This blog will note that while many people have heard of fibre optic, many don’t understand what it is. This will give an explanation of how it differs and why it’s being used more frequently.

You've probably heard the term 'fibre optic' thrown around many times. But, do you really know what it means and whether it is the right choice for your business? In today's article, we delve into this form of information communication and explain the benefits for modern day businesses to help you make the most informed decision.

What is Fiber Optics?

In it's simplest form, an optical fibre is a transparent and flexible fibre normally made from silica or plastic. When used for Internet use, the cables consist of these tiny tubes that are as thick as human hair and which are reflective. To transfer information, they send flashes of light through these tubes which bounce off the inner walls. The modem at the receiving end can interpret these flashes of light as data.

Because this information travels at the speed of light, fibre optic internet provides some of the fastest broadband speeds. The average speed offered is usually somewhere between 35mb and 63mb, although this can go as high as 1GB with certain providers. For the business of all sizes, these speeds improve communication within your teams while enabling you to reach potential customers quicker.

Why choose fibre optic for your business?

The Internet plays such a pivotal role in business in the modern world. Where once we relied on word-of-mouth or print advertising to promote our services, now the Internet steps is as a universally accessible channel. It speeds up communication, improved the quality of information research and gives us the ability to increase transactions from our computer. The need to reach people as quickly as possible links directly to the increase in fibre optic as a choice for companies. Being stuck of a specific webpage for more than a few moments is enough to drive a customer away from your site and onto one that runs more smoothly. Adding an extra 10 minutes on to your research period reduces productivity for both personal and professional use.

Superfast internet is also a must-have when increasing the number of devices used within a business. Traditional methods struggle to support the surging need for smartphones, tablets and laptops which you use on a daily basis. This also means that employees no longer have to compete for website access due to lacking broadband. For businesses that reply on content such as streamed videos, video download or HD videos, fibre optic Internet is the only way to ensure a smooth service for your customers.

Fibre optic helps to improve the general running of your business and continues to be a popular choice for companies of all different sizes and needs.