Is it a good idea for businesses to use VPN?

Is it a good idea for businesses to use VPN?

Posted On July 29, 2020 by Adept Networks

Security and freedom of communications are 2 vital considerations for any business. You want to ensure information can flow freely to maintain productivity but also that sensitive data is kept within authorised groups. VPN networks are one such solution and offer a host of benefits in both of these fields. This blog will look at what they are and whether your business needs to consider one in your network structure.

What is a VPN?

Also known as a Virtual Private Network, a VPN is a network that allows you to build the securest of connections with another network over the internet. They are primarily designed for online privacy and allow you to benefit from anonymity when browsing the internet. Generally, these private networks are created over a public internet connection and use a series of masking and encryption tools to prevent users from tracking your online actions.

How do they work?

VPN’s work in a number of ways but generally, the focus is on encryption. The system generates a ‘tunnel’ for data that goes between your own network and an ‘exit node’ located elsewhere. Any data sent is encrypted and scrambled up when it is sent via the Wifi/Internet network. This makes it unreadable or indecipherable to anyone who may be looking, offering privacy and security at all times. Without a VPN, your internet provider will be able to read your entire internet browsing history. This also means other people can access this information, putting the risk of security and privacy at a higher level.

What do they hide?

Generally, a VPN will hide:

  • Your browsing history.
  • Your IP address and location.
  • Your streaming location.
  • The devices you have been using.
  • Your general web activity.

Does my business need one?

In short, yes. A VPN provides heightened security and helps to minimise the risk of cyberattacks. It protects the sensitive data in your business and prevents it from being identified by hackers. If you are required to travel a lot for business, these networks allow you to effectively bypass content blocks or restrictions that prevent you from working effectively.

Technology has continued to evolve with the times, meaning that setting up a VPN system is actually remarkably easy. Most internet service providers will offer a range of plans that you can choose from to heighten security instantly.

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