What Can Businesses Do to Boost Internet Speeds?

What Can Businesses Do to Boost Internet Speeds?

Posted On January 13, 2021 by

Whether it’s connecting with customers or conference calls with the international office, consistent and fast internet speeds are the holy grail to businesses. As more and more of us become dependent on digital communication, so too do we need ways to ensure that these connections are strong and uninterrupted. Over time, it is normal for internet speeds to feel as if they’ve ground to a halt. However, there are many practical ways that businesses can boost internet speeds and we’ll look at some of them here today in this blog.

Checking Providers

Two main factors dictate why we choose a specific internet provider - speed and price. Generally, a good deal and decent bandwidth is enough to draw us into a contract. However, it’s important to note that requirements change and, as your business grows, it’s not uncommon for your current package to become obsolete when compared to your needs. More employees mean greater demand. Greater demand and growth in your business means you’ll likely be able to invest into faster internet. Additionally, the introductory deals offered by many Internet providers run for fixed periods of time. It may be that you’re currently on a deal that does not meet your needs. It’s worth checking what you can get for your money with different providers to identify the quickest and most cost-effective solution.

Run Regular Internet Speed Tests

Regular speed tests will let you know whether you’re actually getting the speed you’ve signed up to. We recommend carrying them out regularly. If you’ve noticed a lag in internet speeds recently, run the test repeatedly over several days and make a note of the results. Many providers will offer a discount or the opportunity to change packages if you’re not receiving the internet speeds that you originally signed up for. Ofcom have a Broadband and Mobile Coverage Checker which allows you to check the performance and speed in a few clicks.

Using Wired Connections

Where possible, opt for a wired ethernet internet connection. When these are installed properly, they are the most reliable and stable option. The signal is not influenced by other connections, and these set-ups minimise the risk of dead spots that can be commonly found in wireless connections. Unauthorised users are unable to connect to wired networks in the same way as Wi-Fi, minimising use and ensuring it is distributed accordingly.

Creating improved networks

In some situations, it is the network set-up itself that is causing slower internet speeds. Upgrading cables, reorganising management systems or replacing old routers can all have a significant impact on performance. Working with an experienced company, such as Adept Networks, can help you to identify the issue and create a strong, secure network that runs at the speeds you require.

If you would like to speak to a member of our experienced team about achieving the speeds you need, get in contact with us today.