Pre-terminated Fibre

We offer a range of Pre-Terminated Fibre cable, from 4 Core up to 24 Core on five different types of fibre cable, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2. The fibre connectors available are LC, SC and ST; and comes complete with a crush proof protective shroud to protect the pulling end of the fibre cable and all at a very competitive price. It can be ordered with the same connectors on either end, different connectors or just one end only. There is normally a very fast turnaround of next day or just a couple of days from receipt of your order.

The pre-terminated fibre is an internal/external LSZH and can be direct buried, comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is supplied with OTDR test results.

About our Pre-Terminated Fibre

All of our pre-terminated fibre is factory manufactured and quality controlled specifically for its intended use, whether that’s short internal optical links or external optical links. Our optical fibre is 900µm tight buffered which lends itself to installation within an Optical Distribution frames, patch panels, or wall boxes; as well as providing it with crush resistance to assure secure transportation and installation.

Which Pre-Terminated Fibre Connectors do you need?

All our pre-terminated fibre cables are made to your requirements so you can have any configuration of connections.

LC Connectors

LC stands variously for lucent, little or local connectors. They are snap-in connectors that are best suited for high-density connections. They are compatible with most plug in devices such as SFP modules.

SC Connectors

SC stands variously for subscriber, square or standard connectors. They are push-pull connectors and are the most common requirement for fibre connections in the Datacom sector as well as domestic fibre optic connections.

ST Connectors

ST are straight tip connectors which use a twist on and off connector.

Pulling Eye and Sock

All our pre-terminated fibre comes with a pulling eye and sock to protect the cables during working and installation.


Which Pre-Terminated Fibre Type do you need?

We offer fibre cables as Single Mode (OS2) or Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4)


Singlemode pre-terminated fibre provides a greater transfer distance (up to 50x multimode) and a higher transmission rate. Singlemode fibre suffers the least from signal attenuation thanks to the small core eliminating any distortion. Singlemode fibre provides the highest data transmission rates.

Multimode Fibre

Multimode fibre provides bandwidth speeds of 10-100mbs and is best suited for medium distance use. In multimode fibre, light waves are split across multiple paths. The downside of multimode fibre is that over long distances (over 914 metres) these cables can result in signal distortion. Singlemode is now the standard in all projects requiring Gigabit and beyond.


These are typical distances achieved with each fibre type.


62.5/125 OM1 200MHz (850nm)

50/125 OM2 500MHz (850nm)

50/125 OM3 1500MHz (850nm)

50/125 OM4 3500MHz


9/125 OS1 (1310nm)



















40Gb / 100Gb