HDMI extension adaptors make it possible to use some small devices and gadgets, such as mini PCs, Casting Devices and even Android TV boxes that operate on an HDMI interface. These adaptors can come in especially useful if the access to your television’s HDMI connector is difficult or limited.

If you have an older home theatre system or only use your TV as a monitor, these adaptors are just what you need! They enable the connection of HDMI cables using a special connector. These adaptors are available in different colours and come with instructions for installation.

HDMI connectors are much like other cable-based plug and socket systems where the male connector has a protruding pin area, while the female connector is recessed. HDMI plugs are common on many electronic devices such as televisions. Unlike some other video connections, HDMI can transmit both ways: it runs from a television to a computer and vice versa. Every HDMI cable connects one end of a "male" plug to a "female" input or output point which is found very often on TVs.

There are currently five HDMI connector types - A, B, C, D and E. Type A (Standard) connectors. Type B, the dual-link type is more commonly used in professional settings but not with mainstream consumer products; Type C connectors were designed for TV screens to be as thin as possible while still providing a full 1080p of quality signal over an analogue connection; more commonly known as a mini HDMI. Type D has the same number of pins as Types A and C, but in a smaller size, resembling that of a micro-USB or better known as a Micro HDMI. Lastly, the Type E Connector is designed to transmit high-speed data and meets the automotive requirements while also being supported by smartphones.

So if you are fed up with your old HDMI cable not being compatible or perhaps you are wondering which one is right for you? We have an entire range of the latest HDMI adaptors. If you're unsure or need any advice, then contact us today!

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