We stock a wide range of RJ45 connectors which are available to suit both unshielded and shielded twisted pair cables.

The RJ45 connector is a hybrid connector designed in 1973 by Bell Labs. It was designed for phone cable and networks that required both voice and data.

This connector has a jack that attaches to the cable, and a plug that attaches to the jack for data transmission. RJ45 connectors have been the standard for jack-to-jack wiring in most homes and offices since the 1970s.

The connector is a hybrid connector, part of the AC receptacle-plug family. Traditionally, the objective of jack-to-jack wiring was to provide flexibility in attaching electronic equipment.

However, it has now evolved into additional benefits such as simplifying installation and reducing overall costs. As time passed, improvements were made to the jack, including bandwidth specifications.

It has continued to become more efficient and durable over time, making it a popular connector in the home and the office. Browse our wide array of plugs and boots below for all of your cabling needs.

And if you need any assistance with knowing which one is right for your needs then please talk to our friendly team and they'll be happy to help.

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