For a superb-looking cabinet that is ready to be mounted to a wall at a moment's notice, look no further than our 19" wall-mounted network cabinets from Adept Networks.

Our wall-mounted cabinets are constructed with a focus on durability, utility, and aesthetics, and they make equipment storage, repair, and installation simple and efficient. They are suitable for various applications, including the storage of security, audio, and video equipment, communication and network (LAN) cables, and associated gear.

390mm, 500mm, and 600mm are the depths of our data communications cabinets/network racks. Each wall-mounted rack is very flexible and easy to put cables and equipment into, with quick-release doors and side panels, fully adjustable front and rear mounting profiles, and above-average access through the top or bottom of the cabinet.

Shelving, ventilation, and power distribution units are among the accessories available to complete the installation of your wall mount cabinet (PDU). We think you should enjoy the experience of buying products and equipment related to data storage and network management as much as the actual products themselves.

That's why we make it our mission to be your number one source of expertise in this industry so that you know exactly what you're buying. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance selecting a data communications or a network rack.