HDMI cables transmit video and audio from your source devices such as a DVD or Blu-Ray player to your TV. The cable will either have an HDMI input, but you may need to use a composite/component cable if the device is not compatible with another type of interface.

HDMI cables can be categorized into two types:

Standard Speed

A standard speed cable, which is not capable of near full 1080p resolution, cannot transmit a 3D format such as blu-ray discs that utilise 1920x1080.

High Speed

High-speed HDMI cables are capable of transmitting high definition media and 3D video formats. This is why they are labelled a "Standard" or a "High-Speed."

High-definition multimedia interface cables have been created to provide resolutions and data streams beyond 1080p, including 1440p and 2160p as well as multichannel high definition audio.

The cable is an essential one for any modern device. It transmits information from the input (e.g., video player, digital camera) to output points (TV, projector). Several features make up good cables–whether HDMI or others—which include: length and width, bandwidth, audio-visual transmission speed/quality, and return software protection

But it's not all about specs. Features such as length and width can create difficulties if your devices need cables that meet certain specifications. That's why we stock a variety of different types to suit everyone’s needs- so whatever you're looking for to complete the task at hand, get in touch with us by email or phone!

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