Our LC-LC fibre patch leads are in various lengths and colours, perfect for any high-bandwidth network application.

SC connections were replaced by LC connectors, which are compact form-factor fibre optic connectors. (The footprint of an LC connection is only half that of an SC connection.) It features a 1.25mm ferrule and is typically seen on small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers.

We stock a range of fibre patch leads suitable for any high-bandwidth network application.

Our patch leads are constructed from high-quality connectors and 62.5/125 OM1 grade cable. Each lead comes with a test report and a brief strain relief boot.

Every patch lead has an LSOH grey sheath and is labelled. Orders can be placed in more colours.

Fibre cables solve many problems associated with installing fibre cabling in a data centre or telecom room. They eliminate the possibility of fibre being damaged during installation. They are easily installed and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Fibre cables allow quick and easy connection to the patch panel and Ethernet switch.

Fibre cables are a cost-effective solution for high-speed networking. They can be installed in many environments, including data centres and telecom rooms, making them an ideal choice for any organisation wishing to upgrade its network infrastructure. See our complete range of fibre patch leads below:

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