Here you will find our complete range of Category 5e, Category 6, and Category 6A patch panels from our preferred manufacturers.

These are suitable for installations within the industry standard 19" cabinets. Picking a patch panel can be a difficult task, and here's what you need to know: A patch panel is a chassis consisting of a number of jacks or ports of varying types and each jack or port has a conductor strip.

This allows the connection of wires to ports of multiple devices. Patch panels are often placed in areas that contain multiple devices or computers that share a single network.

Patch panels also may be required for the connection of devices to networks that connect to devices using different types of cables or ports. Patch panels typically are used to connect devices to networks using CAT5e or CAT6/6A cables.

Patch panels may be used to transfer data and power from a router, modem, or other Ethernet devices to a computer, network, or device. The patch panels are designed to provide native HDI/MDI termination and are fully compliant with the latest IEEE and TIA category standards.

Pins attached to each connector are gold-plated with military-grade plating. The connectors are shielded with foil and are also fully compliant with the CAT 6/6A standard.

Find the right patch panel for you! Browse our full range of patch panels and find the one that meets your needs.