Everything you need to make your next project a success is under one roof. Choose from a wide range of electrical hand tools online now at Adept Networks.

Hand tools are an integral part of every project. They're also easy to tote around and consume little space. For electrical professionals, it's essential to have reliable wiring tools that help keep homes and businesses running smoothly. Our cabling and wiring tools are sourced from industry-leading brands such as Connectix, Cyclops, and more, so you can be sure that your tools will stand the test of time. Our range includes high-quality items such as Connectix cable strippers, Cyclops toggle strippers for UTP/STP, KAUDEN™ network cable cutters, quick-change screwdriver sets, and many more fantastic items.

At Adept Networks, we understand that quality matters, which is why we use only the market's leading manufacturers for our wiring and cabling tools. Whether you are just looking for a quick-change screwdriver set, cable cutter, or a variety of other cabling tools, you are sure to find a quality tool that will secure a safe installation. These tools will give you a professional finish every time, so you will have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that your installation and connections are safe and up to regulation.

Explore our range of wiring tools below, or feel free to contact us today if you need help finding the best product for the job.

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