Wire baskets are a great way to finish off an office desk.

They use sturdy clamps to fix into place, which means they're easy to install and can be changed hassle-free. The chrome finish provides a modern look, and the wire basket provides a neat finish to the desk and also helps to better organise the wires.

This will help to reduce knots and prevent tripping hazards, as well as allow the end-user to easily add, remove, and change wires if required.

Having a wire basket tray on the desk, or even nearby, allows for neat, tidy wires and reduces clutter. These wire baskets are extremely versatile and can be used for cables and wires for various things.

The desk wire basket trays are a very simple way to add a tidy, professional finish to the desk and to ensure that wires are out of sight, making it a friendly and clean-looking environment, not only for the staff but also for any visitors to the business as well. Below are a few listed benefits of having a desk wire basket tray:

  • These bright-finished wire basket trays are available to you in cut lengths to suit your individual needs.
  • The ends are finished with attractive silver-coloured embellishers for better aesthetics.
  • Now with matching plastic fixings, allowing full access to one side, ensuring easier internal organisation and quicker access.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 800 mm to 1600 mm in 200 mm increments.

So, whatever your wiring needs, you can use it to assist you in organising your workplace and improving workplace productivity. Browse our desk wire basket trays today.

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