Do you need to interconnect the two sub-floors in your office?

Do you need electrical outlets on your office floor? Adept Networks' complete product line of floor grommets allows easy access to electrical wires, cables, and ductwork that are buried under the finished office floor.

They come in both circular and rectangular versions and are made of tough LSZH ABS plastic. All grommets are available in either black or grey.

Rectangular Floor Grommets feature a square base that makes them perfect for covering square or rectangular openings. The circle is a circular grommet, and it has a small hole and is designed to fit around circular openings.

No matter what your professional needs, all of these floor grommets are high quality and very versatile. Circular Floor Grommets feature a circular base and fit perfectly around circular openings.

These grommets have a flat top, which makes it easy to mount the grommet on a flat table or the head of the screw. They are perfect for covering hoses or other circular objects.

So why not browse our range of floor grommets and solve all of your office needs.

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