For a graphic adaptor that can convert any input signal, look through our SVGA monitor adaptors. Originally called Super Video Graphics Array, "SVGA" now refers to any display resolution of 800x600 or higher. This ultra-low latency graphics adaptor converts any input signal until 1080p resolutions and can have one DVI output as well as two HDMI outputs and one VGA connection.

The significant difference between SVGA and VGA is the former's higher pixel resolution. When you have only 256 colours as an option to make up 16,777,216 possible colours for an SVGA screen’s display, each colour must be specially made, so it will work well with a computer’s screen. Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) is an extension of the 500-line standard that was developed by the NEC Home Electronics Division in contrast to the 480-line VGA standard. The SVGA provides greater intensity and memory capacity than the previous VGA standard.

With our range of SVGA Adaptors, you can connect and display any video to your screen. These adaptors work with all input devices or signal types, so you’ll never have trouble adapting to your monitor! These SVGA adaptors are extended up to higher resolutions, which means that the images appear more clear and detailed, these adaptors can also come in handy if you want to connect two devices so that they will both be displayed on one screen.

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