The HD15 connector is an “SVGA” connection, which features three rows of pins. It should not be confused with the simpler DB15 connector also designed for analogue video.

In our cables section, you will find cables with male and female ends or connections. All these products have double shielding to avoid distortions with sound and video performance while transmitting signals.

If your device has simultaneous AV and S/PDIF outputs, then you’ll need a VGA cable made for audio cable connection pairs for the best possible sound quality. Choose between a male to female configuration or vice versa for what is in your specific needs.

SVGA stands for "Super Video Graphics Array." With this mode, images on a screen can be displayed at 640x480 pixels with 16 colours. Although it comes in the form of an analogue 15-pin plug and play device, SVGA was created specifically as a digital version by IBM and Fujitsu - and these digital versions eventually replaced the analogue connections. Larger monitors that use SVGA can handle more colours and offer higher resolutions than other types of screens (ranging from 50 Hz to 80Hz). These are ideal for multimedia applications where colour differentiation is most critical.

We provide a selection of cables that are high-grade and optimized for performance. There's HDMI, DVI, VGA Cables; USB 2.0 connectors A-A & up to B; plus other computer accessories in stock.

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