Cable looms, also known as harnesses, are cabling assemblies that are used as part of a larger cable management system.

Apart from ensuring that cables are neat, tidy, and well protected, cable looms are also an assembly item designed to fulfil a specific function within an electrical assembly. Cables and connectors are usually the main components.

Typically, these looms are custom-made for the application and designed to transmit the correct electrical power or to transmit signals. The complexity of cable looms varies based on their function.

For example, some units are more difficult to construct than others. A cable loom can be a complex structure; therefore, it must be assembled by an experienced company that has the required knowledge in order to be finished correctly.

This can be down to the design of their complexity, making them often produced by a specialist company as opposed to being assembled by an individual. You should relay your environmental needs to your cable loom supplier before production in order to have them meet your requirements.

In addition, the cables may also be exposed to high levels of heat or moisture, so it's vital that you discuss these requirements with your supplier before they start the manufacturing process. Since there are so many variations, we suggest you call us with your requirements.

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