Audio cables are the cords typically used to transfer analogue or digital signals from a sound source, such as an amplifier, to a powered speaker. The cable pairing is usually identified by the plugs and sockets, rather than wire colour or shape.

Can Audio Cables Make a Difference? There are differing thoughts on whether or not cables can make a difference in sound. These cables, however, were designed to be as transparent as possible, ensuring that they would introduce no distortion in the signal. Their only duty is to transfer the signal from the source without introducing any noise or interference whatsoever.

The connection on an aux connector and headphone jack may be the same, but their functions are different. The “headphone jack” is used for headphones while the "auxiliary" can be used with any audio device. There are many 3.5mm stereo audio cables that connect from the PC to speakers, by plugging into the computer's "sound card," or using a portable CD player to listen to music at home right through your stereo speakers!

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