Adept's Distribution Frames allow easy and rapid installation into new or existing data centre facilities.

A distribution frame is a passive device that terminates cables and allows arbitrary interconnections. Distribution frames are designed specifically for ease of use. They are available as single or dual distribution frames, with the single frame carrying up to 700 pairs and the dual frame carrying up to 1400 pairs with 10 pair termination strips. With the flexible design, the frames can be mounted on the floor, wall, or back to back. The frames provide features such as easy upgradability, comprehensive cable management, and air circulation for large-scale data centres.

Our distribution frames provide the ideal solution for large-scale data centre cabling requirements. Designs and installations are based on flexibility to create the optimum result for the customer. The frames are designed to accommodate high fibre counts and data rates – a major requirement for modern data centres. The frames offer unlimited flexibility, which is a major advantage. Features such as module strip access and interconnection with a limited number of simple modules make management easier. This flexibility also allows frames to be configured in a back-to-back configuration, which is ideal for high-density data centres in small spaces.

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