Telephone cables are made of long strands of different materials.

There are metallic wires for carrying out signals, large copper strands for carrying sound, and various plastic wires for carrying telephone liquid. Telephone cables have various applications in all parts of industry.

They are used in computer networking, telephones, security systems, intercom systems, and security systems. Telephone cables are also used in radio systems.

When your phone or network stops working, you need a reliable cable to fix the issue. The following ranges of multipair telephone cables comply with CW1308 specification but have the added benefit of a Low Smoke and Fume - LSF - Outer Sheaths.

We stock the standard internal telephone cable as well as the internal/external and the external only telephone cable. We also stock various colours of CW1109/CS1257 Jumper Wire.

The telephone cable you choose will depend on the application. To get a reliable connection, choose the phone cable with the lowest characteristic impedance.

At low frequencies, the characteristic impedance of the cable is inversely proportional to the cable's length. For small-length cables, the characteristic impedance is high.

As the length of the cable increases, the characteristic impedance decreases. So why not browse our extensive range of telephone cables, we are sure to have something for whatever your needs are.

We have a wide array ranging from Internal Grade CW1308 Cable right through to Jumper Wire and Drop wire. If you need any advice or can't find the right cable for you, then don't hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to get you what you are looking for.