A scart connector is a plug that connects two devices. One end of the device has a female plug consisting of 21-pins and the other has a male plug to provide contact between them. Typical users of this connector are mostly consumer electronics, including televisions and video cassette recorders (VCR's) or DVD players, which may use small cables with plugs for a connection.

Some VCRs come with a phono input (for audio) on the front of the unit. This is not suitable for capturing video because it is an INPUT rather than an OUTPUT. If you do not have any phono outputs, then this USB video capture adapter will be necessary, so that an external scart port can power your capture device and transmit video signals to the USB port.

We offer an array of adaptors - including scart splitters, which are perfect for people who use VCRs and DVD players. They allow you to turn the second device on standby without draining it. We also offer a scart-to-3xRCA switchable gold adaptor that can convert video from any scart source to S-video and analogue out ports. This is so if you don’t have an individual connector for your video, this will fit the needs of getting it properly captured by USB video capture.

If you need any help determining which adaptor type to buy or have questions, please feel free to email or call us.

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