Here at Adept Networks, we offer a full range of connection boxes, which you can install with no hassle.

These connection boxes are ideal for anyone who needs to set up a network in an existing space, or for new home builds where the connection points are yet to be decided. We have a wide array of connection boxes ranging from the low profile 20 pair connection box, right up to the lightweight steel 1020 pair connection box.

Some benefits of our connections boxes:

  • Cables can be accessed via the side panels which have 'tear out' features.
  • One of the more important features of some of the connection boxes is that the earth bar assembly provides them with a common earthing point.
  • Side-by-side mounting is possible as the side and end panels can be removed.
  • A must-have feature of some of these connection boxes is that they have captive quarter-turn locking posts to ensure that the lid can be removed with ease making it simple.
  • Keeping the lid firmly in place is of the utmost importance, that is why they contain two captive screws, ensuring that the lid is kept tightly and firmly in place.
  • Most of these connection boxes are ideal for businesses as they feature a removable button in the centre of the lid, this is perfect as it allows for you to add your own customised logos.

Browse through our extensive selection of connection boxes, and choose a style that's right for you.

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