In the world of networking, there are a few terms that are vital for business and communications: server, workstation, network switch, router.

Each term has multiple meanings, but ethernet patch leads are probably the most confusing of these. Ethernet network patch leads are power cables, and just as every cord and cable from a computer is a little different from the other, so too are the ethernet patch leads.

Ethernet patch leads are a cost-effective and rugged way to connect your network cables. The cables are customisable so you can choose the length you need.

We have a variety of options and are always adding new cables. If you need ethernet cables, Adept Networks can help you find what you need.

Whether you choose cables for your desktop or an industrial network, we stock a wide variety to give you the connectivity you need. With a huge range of RJ45 patch leads in Cat5e and Cat6 all ready for next-day delivery.

All of our patch leads are available in a wide variety of colours and lengths. We also have an in-house cable assembly, so if the patch lead you're after isn't available, we will make it for you!

When you need to connect cables but don't want to be restricted by a more limited cable range, ethernet patch leads are the way to go. Whether you need ethernet patch leads, patch panels, or just want the latest Cat.6 cables, we've got it all, if we don't have what you are looking for then get in touch with us today!