Cable coverings are necessary for every organisation to ensure employee safety and accessibility.

Our cable covers are available in many sizes to meet a wide range of requirements, however, due to the logistically challenging situation.

Our entire staff is committed to delivering our customers the most extensive and in-depth safety information possible. Our company has thoroughly examined all these aspects and has made every effort to ensure that our customers have complete confidence in this critical safety product.

We offer a low-profile, gently sloping design from our extensive range of cable covers that allows pedestrian and wheeled traffic to pass through unhindered while allowing you to comply with the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and EC Directive 89/391/EEC by ensuring that hazardous trailing or loose cables are kept in a safe and secure condition. These products are designed with materials that have been tested to UL94-V0, UL94-HF1, and UL94-V2 standards to ensure maximum safety.

These goods have BS476: Pt 7: Class 3: 1987 and UL94-V0 certifications due to their intrinsic ability to self-extinguish. These items are made of flexible vinyl.

Our plastic cable is durable and non-conductive, up to 500 volts, which is part of our product line. The finish is smooth and clean, and the product does not have the typical "rubbery" odour associated with this type of material. It meets BS903-C5 standards and provides dependable and long-lasting service.

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