Our Company takes these aspects very seriously and we have made every effort to be sure that our Customers can have complete confidence in this important Safety Product.

The low profile and gently sloping sides of our range of Cable Covers allows pedestrian and wheeled traffic to pass unimpeded whilst enabling you to comply with the health & safety at work act: 1974 and ec council directive 89/391/EEC by ensuring that hazardous trailing or loose cables are kept in a safe and secure condition.

These products are manufactured in flexible Vinyl and have been tested to BS6458: Sectn 2.1: 1984 (IEC 695-2-1: 1980) (No ignition at 750ºC) and BS2782: Pt 1: Method 141: 1986 (ISO 4589: 1984). This material is inherently self-extinguishing and achieves BS476: Pt 7: Class 3: 1987.

Our products have a surface finish that is smooth and clean and do not have the usual ’rubbery’ odour normally associated with this type of product. They have been tested to BS903 - C5 and are Non-Conductive at 500 volts.

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