Are you trying to set up a new line jack, but aren't sure which ones to use for your home or office telephone system? Even though they are small devices, making the right choice can be a challenge. Some sockets are meant for professional purposes, while others are intended for residential lines.

Some phones only work with certain sockets. Line jacks and ADSL filters are small devices that provide greater versatility and flexibility than standard telephone sockets. When you choose ADSL filters, you might be able to keep from buying new phone equipment but you can make a great choice for your own needs.

When you choose ADSL filters instead of a socket, you'll be buying a truly versatile device. Sockets are associated with either one or two telephone lines. However, an ADSL filter can accommodate many different sets and telephones. This can give you more versatility, but it will also cost more money in the long run.

When it comes to good home options, there are many options to choose from. It also connects directly to a computer, so that you can coordinate calls. However, not all sockets can support both 4-way and 6-way plugs, so you have to be sure you have the right socket for your needs.

We invite you to browse our full range of line jacks and ADSL filters. We have options for your home or office, including Line Jack Units that support 2, 3, and 4 series, as well as a whole host of other products such as ADSL centralised filters and interstitial faceplates. Whatever your line jack and ADSL needs, we have something for everyone.

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