Choose from USB cards that will add more USB ports to your computer.

These are great for anyone who has trouble keeping their desk clear from USB extensions all over the place to accommodate all their extra devices. The PCMCIA card has the added benefit of being able to be installed in any PCMCIA slot, not just those with available PCI slots.

A USB card is a card that plugs into the PCI bus of a computer to provide USB ports. These can be in addition to the existing USB ports you may already have.

Our USB cards can provide either USB 2.0 (480 Mbits/second (Mbps)) or USB 3.0 (5 Gbits/second (Gbps)) ports depending on their specification. We also stock PCMCIA USB cards; this is the card that fits a standard CardBus or PCMCIA bus.

Mostly used in desktops and some notebooks, they can be easily installed and removed. If you only have a single bus slot, this can be a problem if you have a PCMCIA modem or Ethernet card.

Available in various styles and configurations, USB cards offer the perfect way to expand USB device connection options for all sorts of PC users. These versatile and affordable cards are ideal for anyone who doesn't have access to an available USB slot and is looking to add an elegant USB solution.

We offer USB cards that have options for 2 or 4 USB ports for PCMCIA, PCM, PCI Expansion and PCI Express. These USB cards can be installed in any existing PCI, PCMCIA or PCM slot. They plug right into the hardware without extra software required. Browse through our entire selection to find the right USB card for you!

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