When it comes to your workplace, you want to ensure you have a safe, organised and clear layout to ensure that employees or visitors do not fall over cables, panels or other components. Our wall brackets are designed to fit your commercial needs while remaining within a reasonable budget.

These versatile brackets are available in various sizes and designs, which will suit any type of commercial layout or need. For example, some of our hinged wall brackets are compact, reliable and durable, making them ideal for cabling installations with few points. With many of our wall brackets, you can have quick access to your cabling installation, which is ideal when repairs or inspections are needed.

Our 19-server wall brackets are the ideal solution for compact and tight spaces, where a floor standing cabinet might not be a viable option. As with all our reliable products available here at Adept Networks, our wall brackets are designed to support your IT departments while standing the test of time.

At Adept Networks, we offer a wide selection of network and IT products from high-quality, respected and reputable manufacturers, which reassures you of the quality of our product range. If you have any questions about our server wall brackets or any products in our collection, you can contact a member of our friendly team today, who will happily help you find the product that suits your needs and budget.

You can shop and browse through our collection of wall brackets below and see which one is suitable for your set needs.

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