Quickly connect your data sources using a flexible conduit.

Databoxes are the perfect products to minimise hassle and downtime so your office can connect faster than ever before. These products, which bring data up from the sub-floor via a flexible conduit, are volume installation products.

They are usually accessed through the floor via floor grommets. As the databox is 60mm deep, a fast-release two-screw lid incorporates the 6C cut-outs, allowing customers to start with the termination of data points before completing the installation.

Customers can integrate a flexible conduit into the keyed gland entry using a conduit gland and locknut. Our databoxes are the perfect solution for managing complex data cable installations in offices of any type.

They can quickly and easily connect your data sources using a flexible conduit and can handle all types of cables. Our POD Data Boxes come in a range of sizes to suit a variety of install requirements and are priced extremely competitively to ensure we make them the best value on the market.

Databoxes are ideal for networks of any size, even those with large numbers and locations of data points. They offer a quick and easy solution to connect large volumes of data and provide a reliable and secure solution for every office.

Our databoxes are priced extremely competitively to ensure the customer gets the best value. You can shop online and gain instant access today!

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