Your power leads are an essential tool for electrical engineers.

Due to their compact size and easy-to-manage design, they're easy to attach to your existing sockets. Their biggest challenge is the fact that too many plugs end up unused or left on back-burners due to the absence of wires.

Many employees rely on office products for added functionality, such as networking. Interconnecting power leads can help you achieve your communication and networking goals.

They also enable your employees to use certain equipment with greater ease. Many of our desk items use start and interconnecting leads to connect and power them since they may be customised in length.

The start leads are male to female 3-pole connections with a 13A fused UK plug. The start leads are used to power the units from the mains, while the interconnecting leads are used to "daisy chain" several goods from a single 13A outlet.

Start leads are available in a variety of lengths. Interconnectors are high-voltage cables that connect neighbouring countries' electrical grids.

They enable us to exchange excess power between countries, such as renewable energy generated by the sun, wind, and water. Browse our assortment to discover whether we have the perfect plug for your product, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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