The power pack desktop unit's unique design with sleek space-saving allows for improved ergonomics and minimal set-up time.

Its unique shape and trendy appearance give this desktop unit the versatility to seamlessly blend with other desktop items such as telephones, monitors, keyboards, and laptops in a home or office environment. With an easy to install set-up system, the power pack desktop has an internal power source, which eliminates the need for external power cords.

Utilising a blend of proven and reliable components from the established P-Pack under desk product range, the sleek new P-Pack under desk range provides the ultimate upgrade for your desktop unit to ensure maximum system performance for years to come. There are five different model choices available, which cover all applications:

  1. Power only.
  2. Power with Cat6 couplers.
  3. Power with 6C data cut-outs.
  4. Twin USB chargers and Cat6 couplers or 6C data cut-outs provide power.
  5. Schuko.

With this innovative integration, there is no need for messy cords or unsightly plug connections.

Browse our range of power pack desktop units that adhere to industry standards here at Adept Networks. We are sure to have a solution that suits you.

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