We stock some great choices for voice patch panels even though we only stock them from two different manufacturers, Pressac and Excel, however, all are available in a compact 50 port 1U panel.

So, whether it is a simple closet to an enterprise-level installation, this is your answer to a cabling mess. Now you can easily patch all of your voice services over structured cabling and they can also be used for connecting PABX extensions to structured cabling systems, as well as distributing analogue voice services around your home or business buildings.

Voice patch panels are the ideal way to streamline and consolidate core network voice services over traditional enterprises cabling infrastructure. This can also be used to solve technical problems due to voice services crossing network locations, the flexibility it provides reduces inventory, simplifies the provisioning of digital telephone lines, and provides a solid network backbone for data.

With voice patch panels, voice services can be grouped or consolidated over the same cabling system. This not only simplifies the provisioning of digital telephone lines, but it ensures that all voice services traverse a unique core network location - and this strengthens the core of the network architecture.

The advanced management utilities that voice patch panels offer are enormous. Without them, distribution networks were simply overrun by networked routers and switches which made it impossible to monitor every network device on the network.

Browse our range of voice patch panels below and find the perfect one for all of your voice patching needs.

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