Our range of cable management products can offer you a simplistic and effective way of tidying up cables around your office workspace or desk, offering an unobtrusive yet stylish solution.

That's why here at Adept Networks we offer a fantastic range of desk splines for maximum cable management. Meaning that whatever room you are working in, our products will prove valuable to you, offering both style and practicality.

Desk splines are ‘spline’ shaped pieces that you can screw into your desk at a regular or irregular pitch. This leaves you with a surface that curves under your workspace or desk, adding extra strength and structure.

Desk splines come in useful if you have unwanted wires hanging out everywhere at your office workstation or desk. They are also incredibly versatile, and you can use them in practically any setting or office environment.

They are often made from steel, or metal, and come in varying lengths and sizes. They will need to be connected at first and then secured to the desk or other surrounding surface.

These splines are also great if you want to create more elaborate desk configurations. The most common place where desk splines are attached is onto the legs of the desk.

So if you want to have an office workstation or desk that will look clean and tidy day after day, consider using desk splines to enhance your office desk. We have something for every type of desk, so browse our range today and start tidying away your cables.

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