Here at Adept Networks, we stock a wide range of ADSL/Telephone leads that are designed to work with all telephones and various other devices.

ADSL stands for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line and is a type of broadband internet connection that is capable of providing users with high bandwidth speeds.

Telephone leads can be used to connect a telephone to a telephone line. They can be used to add phone extensions, fax machine lines, or phone lines to modems and other devices. They can also be used as phone switches in different situations.

ADSL leads are directly connected to the telephone itself, whereas telephone leads are directly connected to the telephone wiring. ADSL leads transmit data at a much faster speed than telephone leads because the former transmits data through a variety of applications (eg, digital subscriber line), whereas telephone leads are limited to sound frequencies.

Telephone leads must be plugged in directly to the telephone adapter, whereas ADSL leads can be plugged into any standard phone jack. Most DSL modems, routers, and telephones that run a phone line support ADSL leads.

Telephones that run VoIP lines support telephone leads. We stock a wide range of telephone extension leads in various lengths, Modem leads, and ADSL leads.

If the length is not shown, just call us as we can make any length you require here.