Fibre optic cables allow communication to be conducted using light rather than electricity and are an efficient way to conduct communication since they use light rather than electricity.

External interference is reduced, and copper wires' speed and distance limits are no longer an issue. Furthermore, the most secure method of data transmission is via fibre optic lines.

Our loose tube and tight buffered designs are available in our comprehensive selection of internal and external grade fibre cables.

Loose Tube Fibre Cables

Up to 24 colour-coded 250um buffered 62.5/125 or 50/125 Multimode or 9/125 Single-mode fibres are formed around a silica gel-filled tube in the loose tube fibre cables.

These fibres are protected by aramid strength members and a flame retardant, low-smoke halogen-free outer sheath. These fibres' increased strength and durability come from a mix of properties, making them perfect for usage in places where they are subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

Tight-Buffered Fibre Cables

Composed of several 900um buffered fibres and colour-tagged and packed into rodent-resistant strength components, the cable's outer layer is flame retardant and low smoke and halogen-free.

Its design and construction have resulted in a light, simple-to-install, and cost-effective cable. Tight buffered fibre cables are suitable for backbones and external network cabling where fibre density is required.