Fibre optic cables allow communication using light rather than electricity. This reduces external interference and means the speed and distance limitations of copper wire cables are eliminated. Fibre optic cables are also the most secure way of transferring data.

Our range of internal/external grade fibre cable is available from stock in a choice of loose tube and tight buffered designs.

Loose Tube Fibre
The cables are constructed around a silica gel filled tube containing up to 24 colour coded 250um buffered 62.5/125 or 50/125 Multimode or 9/125 Singlemode fibres. This tube is covered with aramid strength members and a flame retardant and low smoke halogen free, outer sheath.

Tight Buffered Fibre
The cables are constructed from a number of 900um buffered fibres which are colour coded and packed in water resistant rodent protected strength members. The outer sheath is both flame retardant and low smoke zero halogen. The design and construction of this range has resulted in a light, easy to install, cost effective cable.