Designed to temporarily connect an appliance to the mains electrical supply, shop online for our range of Mains Power Leads here at Adept Networks. With a variety of options available, each one has a focus on quality and cost-effective design. They befit the needs of both residential and commercial environments, allowing you to work productively and enjoy downtime too. And, by understanding our customers' needs exactly, these power leads also help to fix a multitude of problems you may be facing right now.

Shop online for the right mains power lead for your requirement. We have standard UK mains power leads through to power extension leads and plug-to-UK-13A-socket leads. Our range includes kettle leads alongside Y-splitter heavy-duty power leads and locking (C13) cables. We have Male-Female IEC power extension cables, figure 8 leads and commando 16 AMP cables too. You'll also find clover leaf leads and euro-plug-to-figure-eight leads to fit your exacting needs. We work hard to ensure you have everything you need right here. Our focus on high-quality and low prices makes buying in bulk entirely accessible. And, many of our designs come with multiple options, allowing you to customise your purchase to your specific requirements.

Adept Networks is a UK specialist in cables and networking solutions for residential and commercial environments. If you cannot find the item you're looking for, have a question or would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact here today.

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