In order to provide the highest quality surveillance possible, Hikvision embedded network video recorders feature H.265+ compression technology, which provides up to a 70% reduction in storage space while maximising image quality.

Their all-in-one NVRs are feature-rich, with recording resolutions up to 32 MP. All NVR models, from entry-level to professional ones, now offer ultra-high-definition output up to 4K.

Hikvision Network Video Recorders have RAID, N+1 hot spare, and ANR features for data security, ensuring steady and reliable video recording. Hikvision video recording becomes more powerful and intelligent than ever before thanks to Deep Learning modules.

Their products are designed with the latest technologies, so we stock only the highest-quality products to provide our clients with the best possible surveillance capabilities. Security cameras are only valuable if clients can record, retrieve, and analyse their data quickly.

Hikvision's video storage and retrieval systems offer a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that allow clients to maximise the value of their security footage in an efficient and productive manner. Security is of the utmost importance for some businesses, and Hikvision's NVRs provide the most advanced security and data storage solutions on the market today.

Browse our extensive security offerings to learn more about our products and systems. We are sure to have the perfect product that suits your specific surveillance needs, whether you need recording or storage capabilities.

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