Don't get caught with a mediocre fibre cable when there's such a great one. The ST-SC connector meets any requirement with superior performance. Order yours today.

These fibre optic cables are ideal for connecting 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet connections. The leads can safely transport data up to 10 km at 1310nm or 40 km at 1550nm. If the connectors are properly mated, the ST-SC connector is reliable when connecting patch cords. With high-density cabling applications in mind, the SC/ST connector is frequently used in an ST-SC adapter. Once connected, the bayonet twist locking mechanism presses the fibre strands in the ferrules together, creating a strong and permanent connection.

Fibre optic cables are the heart and soul of high-performance data centres. But if they're not installed and maintained correctly, they can cause network interruptions and quality problems. With bend-insensitive fibre optic cables (OS2), you can avoid many cabling headaches associated with conventional optical fibre cables. If your patch cable is accidentally bent during installation, the bend-insensitive fibre core maintains the quality of the transmitted signal without additional attenuation or loss.

And when you install your fibre cable, it's important to maintain a distance of at least 1 inch from the wall or enclosure to prevent signal loss due to excessive bending and flexing of the cable. Lower OM1/OM2 and OM3/OM4 cable attenuation are achieved by using lower core diameter fibres and coating the fibres with enhanced polymer materials, allowing the cable to bend and flex significantly without damaging the fibre core. It is beneficial in tight places.

Contact the team today and speak to one of our specialists about how the OS2 patch cable can meet your optical fibre cabling requirements.

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