Network cables connect your devices to the Internet and each other. They're not always easy to diagnose, and many people falsely believe they've encountered something urgent if they can't get online.

At Adept Networks, we are proud to supply you with a wide range of network cable testers to help you figure out what's causing your connectivity issues. To evaluate and verify existing LAN connections, every network installer needs LAN testers as equipment. Whether you are troubleshooting an existing connection or configuring a new one, these cable testers analyse the signal quality and pinpoint the particular cables or cores that need to be addressed.

Network cable testers can be used to verify connections and test copper and fibre cable connections. Network cable testers are electronic tools that assess the conductivity between two cable ends. It also measures signals for proper wiring and checks them for errors. Two methods can be used to test the connection:

  1. Continuity testing involves sending a current down the wire and measuring its level.
  2. Resistance testing involves measuring voltage and current and calculating resistance based on the voltage and current.

These testers are ideal for testing various computer Cat cables, including Cat 3C, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat6e, and Cat 7. Ethernet network data connections can transport a variety of data types. Additionally, they can be used to test and validate the proper installation of phone lines, all RJ45 cable types, LAN connections, and, in some models, even coaxial cables.

If you have any questions or want advice about any of the products in this range, please do not hesitate to call us; we will be more than happy to assist you.

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