Adept Networks carries a variety of SCSI adaptors, which are hardware devices that attach to the SCSI interface and communicate with the rest of your computer via this link. Some examples of devices that use this are hard drives, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, and scanners.

A SCSI host adaptor is a device that connects one or more other SCSI devices to the computer bus. These adaptors are sometimes called SCSI controllers, but this name should not be strictly applied to any component that understands the general SCSI protocol requirements.

Computer components that use the SCSI system to communicate with each other generally have two connectors - male and female. When plugged together, these create a connection that allows communication between two computer components like a hard drive and processor.

Although both IDE and SCSI storage devices are capable of storing data, there is one significant difference between them. IDE storage accesses data that has been stored within the computer and does not typically offer a wider range of devices to attach. Where SCSI provides greater versatility by allowing up to seven devices at once, as well as including multiple components for retrieval that can be inside or outside of your system.

SCSI devices come in two types:

  • Single-ended devices which have a single data lead.
  • Differential components: When used in communication, differential devices are two uncoupled data leads sending a signal over the bus.

We offer a variety of adaptors for SCSI ranging from Half Pitch 68 Male LVD/SE Terminator to the 3 external terminators.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact one of our trained experts and they will be sure to help you find the right SCSI adaptor for your job.

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