Trailing wires across the floor is a common problem in the workplace or office.

Wires on the floor are due to mislabeled or improperly positioned outlets. Power cords can easily be tripped on, resulting in a loss of productivity.

They can also result in an electrical shock if the receptacle is improperly grounded. By arranging power units underneath the desk, users can prevent these hazards.

Desks can be fitted with wires easily during construction, and desks and floors will be less cluttered, so they will be less noticeable to users.

With under-desk units such as this ergonomic power pack, the wires can be neatly hidden within a cable tray. Because the unit is equipped with integral mounting brackets, it can either be mounted under the desk or in a cable tray.

Furthermore, the power pack has a 3-pole input and output, so it can be daisy-chained with the help of interconnecting leads to power more computers or more desks from just one power outlet. For all your power and data needs, you can connect the unit to a POD S desktop unit.

Increase your productivity today, and tidy your workplace at the same time with Adept Networks under desk power units. No matter what your setup is, we are sure to have something to suit your needs.

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