KoldLok raised floor grommets are a unique way to seal cable apertures in data centre raised floors.

It is the best way to prevent a loss of cooling and to ensure energy efficiency for a better return on investment. And, because it's made from a flexible material that is compatible with data centre raised floor environments, it's a practical solution that will ensure your company's data servers and equipment stay safe all year round.

With today's demands to reduce energy expenses and become more energy-efficient, this is critical. Reclaiming the cooling that escapes through unprotected cable holes is a good first step.

Raised floor grommets have been proven to be the most effective solution for this. Once installed, raised floor grommets require no policing and rapidly reduce bypass airflow.

The KoldLok range includes the classic double-layer brush grommets, the KoldLok wave with its unique wave-shaped thermoplastic elastomer, and the 4" round KoldLok that combines brush with a membrane.

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